Perfect Porta Potty Placement at Your Central Ma Event

5 Tips for Perfect Porta Potty Placement at Events

Porta potty placement is essential to have your event run smoothly. By strategically placing your porta potties throughout your event site, you can ensure that guests can easily find them when nature calls.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your porta potties are convenient and comfortable for guests to use the restroom.

1. Place porta potties within walking distance to concessions

If your outdoor event includes food and drink, be sure to position the porta potties within a short walking distance from where guests are eating. But… not too close! You don’t want to take away from the ambiance of the area and the delicious aromas from the food that is being served or sold.

2. Ensure porta potties are placed on an even surface

Porta potties must be placed on a flat, even surface. A paved surface is ideal, and the ground should not slope or have bumps to ensure that the porta potty can be free from wobbling.

3. Place porta potties in a well-lit area

If your event extends into the evening, lighting is important for safety and peace of mind. Ideally, both on the exterior and interior of the porta potties should have lighting.

4. Take weather into consideration

Protect the stability of the porta potties by placing them against a wall so they are safe from wind and give a bit of privacy by blocking one side. You might also consider placing them in groups, back-to-back for added stability. If rain is in the weather forecast, make sure you ensure that the ground on which you place the porta potties doesn’t turn into a puddle.

5. Choose a central location for porta-potty access

We suggest placing the porta potties in a central location in the middle of your event and scattering them around the edges of the venue because no one likes to have to search for a restroom. Also, keep in mind that service workers will need easy accessibility to clean the porta potties and refresh supplies.

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When planning an event, these tips will help to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests and event attendees. If you have questions about renting porta potties for your next event, contact the experts at Pleasant View Potties who will guide you through the process.

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