Central mass extended period porta potty rentals from Pleasant View Waste

Need a Porta Potty for an Extended Time?


If you need a extended porta potty rental that is more than a day, weekend, or week, this guide will help you understand your options.

What is considered an Extended Rental?

A construction site is an example of an extended time where porta potties are necessary for a few, or even several months, while the construction workers are on the job.

If you are holding an event, like a county fair that extends over a couple of weeks, a long-term rental may be what you need.

Should you purchase a Porta Potty?

Owning a porta potty will require you to follow certain laws. You will need to take responsibility for arranging the removal of waste and cleaning the potty.

Renting relieves you of these responsibilities as the rental company has to remove waste, replenish supplies, and clean the potties on a regular basis. Maintenance and the is also their responsibility, should something need fixing. Once your event or need for porta potties is over, the rental company will remove them.

Questions People Ask About Extended Porta Potty Rentals

How often do porta potties need cleaning?

Our porta potty rentals are cleaned and sanitized once a week. Ensuring they are ready to serve the needs of your guests, employees or participants.

How do I calculate how many porta potties I’ll need?

We recommend one porta potty for each 50 to 100 people. Be sure ask about ADA rules and how to comply with them.

Event Rental Calculator

Your first step is to determine how many hours your event will last. If multiple days, use the longest day. Determine your guest count. If the event or job spans multiple days, use the day with the largest attendance.


Use this chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your upcoming event

Central mass extended period ports potty rentals from Pleasant View Waste


Note:  If alcohol is being served, add 15-20% more restrooms. Add one Handicap Accessible Restroom per 20 portable restrooms, or a minimum of one for events open to the public. Adequate hand washing should also be provided with restrooms in all food service areas. A minimum of (1) hand washing station should be added per (4) restrooms.

Construction Rental Calculator

How many shifts will be worked at your jobsite? Determine your maximum workforce size, especially during peak times. (1) Restroom can accommodate 10 workers during a 40-hour work week.


Use the chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your jobsite

Extended construction site porta potty rentals in central mass


Are permits required for an extended porta potty rental?

It is likely that a permit is necessary if your event is at a state park or community center, but it is best to check with the local department of health.

If you have questions about renting porta potties – long term or for a day or weekend event, contact the experts at Pleasant View Potties who will guide you through the process. 

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