Porta Potties for Roofing Construction Sites

Porta Potties for Roofing Construction Sites

Working in the roofing construction industry is often physically demanding and may require crews to stay on-site for many hours–possibly 12 or more. You would expect workers to need one or several bathroom breaks during the workday. But what if they can’t easily locate a restroom, it’s in substandard condition, or it takes 30 minutes to get there and back? Here are reasons why having the right type, number, and location of porta potties for roofing construction sites should matter to the construction companies, workers, and your valued clients.

You guessed it. Whether you have experienced this situation or not, you can be sure that not having clean, well-maintained bathrooms results in discomfort, hassles, and wasted time for workers, supervisors, and clients alike.

No question that optimal conditions on the job site include the availability of clean, reliable, fully stocked toilet facilities. So what are the options? If there’s no appropriate permanent facility, two options are building a semi-permanent building or installing portable restrooms.

Here are 5 reasons why portable restrooms can be the ideal solution for your construction site in Central Mass, Greater Boston, and Massachusetts. 

1. Provide convenience for your roofing contractors 

It’s a big issue when construction industry workers don’t have quick, easy access to a bathroom. This inconvenience can cause discomfort, stress, and trouble concentrating on what can be dangerous work. In plain language, your workers will not be happy if toilet facilities aren’t reliable, close by, clean, and fully stocked. You’ll do much better with happy, comfortable workers.   

Portable restrooms are also convenient when planning the worksite setup. Since units don’t require external plumbing, they can be easily installed wherever they are most convenient. In addition, porta potties enable you to meet OSHA regulations, which require employers to provide all workers with sanitary and immediately-available toilet facilities.

2. Ensure sanitary conditions for your roofing team

Each portable restroom unit is individual and collects its own waste. The porta potties you rent should make it easy to dispose of waste—whether by the construction company or the rental provider—and help prevent messy, unpleasant spillages. Many rental companies provide packages that include sending out a team to clean and maintain your toilets regularly to ensure sanitary, hygienic conditions. 

3. Boost roofing construction worker productivity

Productivity is reduced on a large worksite if workers are unclear about the location of restrooms or if it takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or longer to walk there. Even more, if a bathroom break is expected to take that long, a worker may need to wait if they are in the middle of a task. The result is stress, discomfort, possible mistakes, or even distraction from taking proper safety precautions. All of these factors—individually or in combination—can cause a drop in productivity.

4. Avoid unnecessary interruptions to the roofing project

Project managers need to minimize interruptions to stay on schedule and ensure a smooth work process. Units can be installed in multiple areas of large worksites. This provides workers in different locations with the convenience of a nearby restroom, while minimizing interruptions. When crews are on a home project, owners may not be home, the bathroom is being renovated, or the toilet may be in disrepair.

Without a portable restroom, workers must take the time to find one nearby that is accessible to the public. Porta potties offer an ideal solution that reduces time-wasting interruptions.

5. Porta potties for roofing construction sites provide client privacy

When your crew is working in a home or small office environment, it’s awkward to request using their bathroom. The client may also feel uncomfortable letting strangers into their home, especially in such a personal space. They may feel stressed out by the lack of privacy or by strangers coming in and out.

When workers don’t need to use a homeowner’s bathroom, both the worker and client are more comfortable. Plus, it appears more professional when the construction company provides these facilities for their workers.

Provide the right porta potties for roofing construction sites

Portable toilets benefit workers on the jobsite, clients, and the construction company. Providing clean and reliable portable restrooms make workers happier, with better results.  

If you need to rent one or more porta potties for roofing construction sites in the Central Mass area and beyond, contact Pleasant View Potties, and we will guide you through the process.

porta potty rentals for industrial sites in Massachusetts.

Porta Potties at Industrial Worksites

One of the most attractive things about porta potties is how much they save people time. It is extremely reliable to have a portable bathroom that can be used by a worker when needed. When you have this level of portability, you can ensure that the placement is going to be ideal for your particular needs, including porta potties at industrial worksites.

Keeping workers near the working site is ideal

This is also very important because any worker that needs to walk more than one block to reach a bathroom is going to halt productivity. This is why ensuring that the porta potties are within a short walking distance is very important.

Productivity boosting is essential

There are some people who feel that the biggest concern they have is a lack of results in terms of productivity. They feel that their projects are dragged behind and this often leads to setbacks that are unexpected. When you are able to boost productivity, you are going to be in a truly powerful and reliable position. 

Interruptions are minimized when there are porta potties at industrial worksites.

This is always the kind of thing that can be difficult to handle when there are too many people trying to use the bathrooms. Having several porta potties near the work site is going to help minimize those interruptions. When you are able to control the number of interruptions, you will be able to achieve the best results.  This is also linked to productivity and it will enhance every aspect of your industrial projects. 

The following are some relevant reasons why porta potties are essential to industrial sites:

  • Porta potties are extremely reliable and practical.
  • They avoid having workers leave the work site.
  • They keep interruptions to a minimum.
  • They give productivity a major boost.
  • They provide the comfort that makes workers happy.

Happy workers for better results

Keeping workers happy is very important and it all starts with comfort and convenience. The better your workers feel about their workers’ condition, the better the results are going to be. When your workforce is happy they will be more likely to perform exactly as you need.


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