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How Fairs, festivals, and amusements parks can benefit from porta potties

Ensuring a great experience for amusement parks Amusement parks generate over $20 billion dollars in the United States since 2020, due to the exciting thrill of roller coasters, water parks, food, fun and games, and more. While it is often seasonal with fairs and festivals, amusement parks tend to be a permanent service, which means […]

Why Athletic Fields need more Porta Potties

Athletic fields can be packed with thousands of people during game time, which means that relying on the bathrooms available on the field is usually a bad idea; they will get crowded fast and huge lines can form. This is why athletic fields need more porta potties, for both athletes and spectators alike. This will […]

The Benefits of Porta Potties for Graduation Parties

Given that most outdoors settings do not have bathrooms nearby, the only reliable solution is the use of porta potties for graduation parties. When you can place several porta potties in strategic places during the party, everything is going to run a lot smoother. These parties are often very crowded because graduates are not the […]

Why are porta potty rentals so important for construction sites?

Aside from the obvious needs to provide a proper place for workers to use the restroom, there are other relevant advantages to provide porta potty rentals for construction sites. For example, the productivity levels of a construction worker are much higher when they have a portable bathroom close to their location. If a worker needs […]

Meadowbrook Orchards’ Apple Blossom Festival Porta Potties in Sterling, MA

Meadowbrook Orchards celebrated their first annual Apple Blossom Festival at their location in Sterling, MA on May 15, 2021. The afternoon event featured a number of family-friendly activities including a hayride, crafts, and listening to live music. To accommodate the large number of attendees, Meadowbrook Orchards contacted us to provide two porta potties. We were happy to oblige!